Day Care Center Services in Metairie, LA

Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center

Vision Statement: APECC is a reliable, respectful, patient, loving, compassionate work family that provides stables and secure age appropriate learning and development of social skills through play, art, reading, science, music and mathematics.

Mission Statement: To work, grow, and learn to be the best teachers and staff, so our students experience a solid foundation for life long success.

Who We Are

Athania Parkway Early Childhood Center (APECC) is a child care service provider located in Metairie, LA. Our goals are to provide each of our children with a loving, nurturing, and safe environment, so that they can learn and grow into children who are ready for the world of school. From infancy through their toddler years, we are here to mold their hearts and sharpen their minds to prepare them for formal education and in life. APECC is a proud member of Child Care Association of Louisiana.

What We Do

At APECC, your child will be introduced to a group setting. This way, he or she will learn how to socialize and develop respect for others while maintaining his or her individuality. Our teachers give individual attention to the students to mold their hearts and sharpen their minds to prepare them to enter their formal years of education. We pride ourselves in that we incorporate Louisiana State Preschool curriculum goals and expectations into our daily teachings. The nurturing environment in our facility provides for optimum learning with a positive, patient, and loving attitude.

What We Do

Our priority is your child’s well-being.

  • “No Screen Time” policy
  •  Key fob security
  • On-site monitoring systems
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • Breastfeeding Counselor Training.
  • Curriculum that will have your child ready for Kindergarten according to Louisiana State Preschool curriculum.